Always remembered that classic quote from Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada: “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” Never have we got a trend that just keep revitalising itself season after season without fail. Do we all love Floral Prints.

Florals is such a versatile print that can make you feminine and sweet but yet, with a bit of improvisation, it can be sophisticated and edgy too. There are perpetual possibilities from this fashion trend that always seem to revitalise itself season after season.

For such a much loved and versatile print of every woman, the flower pattern which is so full of colour and hectic may not be the best thing to pull off. Einashop.com will like to share with you some styling tips to pull off the perfect floral print look in our FLORAL PRINT COLLECTION.

Styling Tip #1 – Choose the right floral size

# 1 – For someone petite, go for smaller prints so that you’ll not look too overwhelmed. The same goes for those with a larger frame. Try more elaborated patterns to make the look less dainty. Pay attention to also the placement of the prints and not have them at where you will not want the focus to be on.

Styling Tip #2 – Choose backgrounds to get the look you want
# 2 – Floral prints are vibrant and bold and for the flowers to stand out better, consider lighter backgrounds if you want a sweet, femine look. White is always a good choice and you can also consider pastel colours such as light blue or beige. For a more edgy and rugged look, a contrasting colour like black with be a good choice.
Floralie Floral Print Dress in Black
S$ 34.90
Calla Floral Print Dress in Blue
 Styling Tip #3 – Choose light weight fabrics
# 3 – For a more flowing look with your floral piece, go for light weight fabrics such as linen, rayon or chiffon. Bring out the summer feel and this is also perfect for our all year tropical climate.
Styling Tip #4 – Choose to style with minimalist pieces
# 4 – Try to style your floral tops and bottoms with a plain minimalist piece to exacerbate the contrasting florals. Try a floral top with a plain piece such as denim jeans if you want the focus to be on your top. You can also style a plain jacket to tone down a bright and busy floral dress for a more chic look.
Dillion Shirt in White
S$ 29.90
Cyra Denim Skirt & Pelle Blouse in White
S$ 29.90 & S$ 49.90
 Styling Tip #5 – Choose the right accessories and make up
# 5 – Always remember that floral prints are bold and busy. Complete the look with a toned down make up and keep accessories to a minimal so that it is not dramatized. Try a belt to break up the floral prints or wear a plain flats to match the look.
Floraly Floral Dress
S$ 34.90
Lilous Floral Print Dress in Black
S$ 49.90


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