We have been giving some thoughts to what einashop should be for a while before it is launched. In these days when online fashion blogshop is no longer a novelty idea and there are decent numbers of established blogshops that may have already built up solid loyal fan bases for maybe over close to a decade, starting a blogshop from scratch really takes more than courage and to some just another suicidal attempt.

However, we have somehow decided to go ahead. We just thought that this is something we would like to do and what the heck… we just go ahead and launch it.


Our sentiments have always been that the current blogshop scene has been flushed with designs that are just pretty much the same. In an exquisitely styled boutique house somewhere, we envisage that there will be some big wig fashion gurus seating around and coming out with ideas to dictate the fashion trends for the year. Thereafter, for us, what we will need to do is to simply follow. Viola!!! Another vibrant year of collection launches and models on the runways for the major fashion houses.

For common people like us, it’s once again a time to “rejuvenate” our wardrobe so that we will not be labelled “out of fashion”. Poignantly, we have been told just not too long ago that these nice dresses and shoes are the “in” fashion must have.

Rachel Zoe once quoted: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.

We believe that fashion is only a trend and style should come from within a person. In this hectic lifestyle where it’s a luxury to be able to slow your steps down, maybe mirroring established trends may be an easier way out. However, are we slowly losing ourselves when we try to just look like this “someone” that has been embalmed to be fashionable?


Understand who we really are and choose the style that we really want to be. We need not follow others and we can decide on what really defines us. A woman who truly understands herself and is willing to show others who she really is will naturally unveil self-confidence and true style.

This what we think einashop is all about. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF.

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